5 Holiday Treats that Support Your Dental Health

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Dental Health

Holiday treats can take their toll on your teeth, especially sweet treats with lots of sugar, but that doesn’t have to be the case! There are lots of healthier options that are just as festive! Here are 5 holiday treats that support your dental health.

1. Popcorn

When you think of popcorn, you might envision a bag from the movie theater, soaked in butter. But homemade popcorn can be a very healthy treat — and its crisp texture can help to scrub your teeth clean while you eat it! We love to top ours with pumpkin spice, sea salt, or a drizzle of dark chocolate.

2. Home-Baked Goods

If you’re looking for holiday treats that support your dental health, why not create some of your own in your kitchen? Home-baked goods are delicious — and when you make holiday treats yourself, you can control what goes in them! You can choose how much sugar you want to add and even the type of sweetener you use. We love using xylitol because of the ways it can benefit your dental health.

3. Sugar-Free Candies

Sugar-free candies are an easy way to enjoy a festive and sweet holiday treat without exposing your teeth to added sugar. Sugar-free candies are easy to find in a wide variety of flavors for everyone on your list.

4. Tea

It’s hard to beat a warm, cozy cup of tea on a frosty winter day. Tea is another one of our favorite holiday treats that support your dental health for many reasons. We love that there are so many festive flavors to choose from and the added benefits many teas provide — like naturally-occurring fluoride which can help to strengthen your teeth.

5. Farm-Fresh Foods

When you’re searching for holiday treats that support your dental health, your local farm store is a great place to look! Farm-fresh dairy contains lots of calcium and other vitamins and minerals to support your dental health and is a great way to keep your smile strong and healthy all winter long.

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